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2022 Hepatitis C Eradication in Malta
2022 Life after the menopause
2022 Preconception and early pregnancy complications
2022 Common Gynaecological problems in adolescents and young women
2022 Screening for Gynaecological malignancies
2022 Genital infections
2022 Interpreting basic tests in Haematology
2022 Management of Common Haematological Conditions
2022 Clotting Disorders
2022 An update in the management of malignant melanoma
2021 Gestational Diabetes
2021 Planning Pregnancy in Patients with Diabetes
2021 Diabetic neuropathy
2021 Prevention & Management of Diabetic Foot Problems
2021 Reducing Cardiovascular Burden in Diabetes – Risk Factor Control
2021 Initiation of insulin in Type 2 Diabetes
2021 Guidelines for the Management of Type 2 Diabetes
2021 Managing Overweight & Obesity in Type 2 diabetes
2021 Adult Type 1 diabetes in Primary Care
2021 Identification & Management of Pre-Diabetes
2021 Chronic Heart Failure – A 2021 Update for the Medical Professionals
2021 Reducing Cardiovascular Burden in Diabetes 2 – Use of novel drugs
2021 Nephroprotection in Diabetes
2021 Diabetic Eye Disease
2021 HPV The Facts and New Frontiers
2021 Decontamination and antisepsis in the prevention and treatment of
2021 Inherited cardiomyopathies and genetics
2021 Targeted Therapy in Cancer
2021 Out on a limb – Treatment of the most common upper limb conditions
2021 Chronic Diarrhoea
2021 Psoriasis – Diagnosis and Update on Management
2021 Active Ageing and Community Care Services
2020 HRT and Non HRT treatment of the Menopause
2020 Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose – Role in Management of Diabetes
2020 Interview with Dr Clare Gerada
2020 Raising standards of health care service provision for LGBTIQ people
2020 Advanced Endoscopy: advancing minimally invasive care
2020 Mind your health – Childhood Anxiety and Depression
2020 Mind your health – Anxiety and Depression in the Elderly
2020 Mind Your Health Series – Anxiety Disorders: PTSD and OCD
2020 Mind your health – Anxiety
2020 Mind your health – Depression – no one is Immune
2020 Mind your health – Loss and Grief
2020 Male Testosterone Deficiency and Testosterone Replacement
2020 Deranged Liver Function Tests
2020 Iron Deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anaemia
2020 Hepatitis C and the Hepatitis C Elimination Programme
2020 Psoriasis: General Overview and Recent Updates
2020 COVID-19 – implications for patients suffering from chronic
respiratory problems
2020 How can Medical Professionals deal with Covid 19 Anxiety
2020 Host Immunity in COVID 19
2020 Covid-19 in Malta – A Small Island Population
2020 ICU Management of COVID 19 patients
2020 Clinical Aspects and Management of non critically ill COVID-19
2020 Covid 19 Pandemic – Lessons learnt from China
New Developments in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Elastography in Chronic Liver Disease
Upper Abdominal MRI – How do I do it?
A Primer on Primary Headache Disorders
2020 Cardiac Imaging
2020 CRE and its implications for community practice
2020 Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
2020 Imaging in Prostate Cancer
2019 Laparoscopic Surgery: An Overview
2019 Viral Warts: Presentation and Treatment
2019 Management of Urticaria: A Practical Approach
2019 Treating Acute Pain
2019 Recognising and Managing Sepsis and Septic Shock
2019 Chronic venous insufficiency
2019 Interventional Oncology
2019 Female Infertility: Causes and Management
2019 Eating Disorders
2019 Antibiotic Stewardship
2019 ADHD across the lifespan
2019 Male Factor Infertility: A case based approach
2019 Management of Acne
2019 The Chest X-Ray – a structured review
2019 Sudden Cardiac Death in the Young
2019 Asthma Masterclass
2019 Heart Failure Masterclass
2019 The Fall and the Rise of Measles
2019 Rheumatology Masterclass