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Chronic Diarrhoea

In this session, Dr. Gerada discusses the definition and prevalence of chronic diarrhoea in the general population. He highlights the various causes of chronic diarrhoea, from the most common to the rarer conditions, and the key points during a patient’s assessment to suggest a sinister…

Deranged Liver Function Tests

The prevalence and burden of Liver Disease is increasing worldwide. In this eLearning Session, Dr. Delicata provides an overview of Liver Disease as well as liver function assessments and treatments available. Learning Objectives: To give an overview of Liver Disease; including its prevalence, morbidity, mortality…

Psoriasis: General Overview and Recent Updates

Psoriasis is an important dermatological condition which may significantly impact patients’ health and quality of life due to its aesthetic, psychological, physical and also systemic effects; the latter of which may lead to increased risk for other co-morbidities. A number of treatment options are available…