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Life after the menopause

The eLeaening session describes the problems a woman faces after the menopause which are principally due to the loss of i estrogen but also to natural process of age. The principal problems are described and an array of possible management options laid out.

Genital infections

This elearning session will describe some of the most common genital infections – both sexually transmitted and not. The presentation, tests and management of these infections will be discussed.

Interpreting basic tests in Haematology

This is the first of three sessions in the module Haematology in Practice launched on In this session, Dr David Camilleri, Consultant Haemaologist first discusses the components of the Complete blood Count results and discusses the causes and significance of deviation from the normal…

Clotting Disorders

This is the last of three sessions in the module Haematology in Practice launched on In the section on thromboses, Doctor Alexander Gatt, Consultant Haematologist at Mater Dei Hospital, gives us an overview of the risk factors as well as precipitating factors for Deep…

HPV The Facts and New Frontiers

HPV infection is perhaps one of the most important topics in gynaecology because of increasing recognition, improvements in diagnosis as well as new development in prevention of infection and once established, prevention of the most important sequelae of the disease – namely oncogenicity. In this…