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Gestational Diabetes

Dr. Johann Craus, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist with special interest in pregnancy complicated with Diabetes Mellitus, will be leading this module as part of the The International Masterclass in Diabetes Management. Learning Objectives Diagnosis of GDM is dependent on which diagnostic criteria is used. IADPSG criteria…

Diabetic neuropathy

Dr. David Coppini, Consultant Diabetologist & Endocrinologist, will be leading this module which will address another important complication of Diabetes Mellitus: diabetic neuropathy. The enigma of neural pain in diabetic individuals , its diagnosis and management will be discussed in detail.

Initiation of insulin in Type 2 Diabetes

This session will provide an overview regarding when and how to inititiate and intensify insulin treatment in type 2 diabetes, the different insulin formulations available, the barriers to insulin therapy, how these best be overcome these and insight into issues in special populations.

Managing Overweight & Obesity in Type 2 diabetes

Managing overweight and obese patients is a challenge each doctor will surely encounter at any point in his practice. Dr. Rachel Agius, Consultant Diabetologist, Endocrinologist, General Physician and Clinical Lead in Bariatric Medicine at Mater Dei Hospital Malta, provides us with the most updated knowledge…

Adult Type 1 diabetes in Primary Care

Insulin, which is the mainstay treatment for type 1 diabetes, has been viewed for many years as a secondary care specialised treatment. As the role of primary care physicians gains more importance in the holistic management of patients, it is vital that these same physicians…

Identification & Management of Pre-Diabetes

This CME30 session encompasses a discussion and exploration of the main themes around pre-diabetes focusing on diagnosis, screening for DMT2/pre-diabetes and interventions in pre-diabetes. A few landmark studies are discussed. The ADA guidelines on the subject are discussed and explained.