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There was a time where HRT use was a bit controversial. However, enough studies have been conducted to define the role of HRT in clinical practice. In this lecture, Prof Mark Brincat, a reproductive endocrinologist, professor and director of obstetrics and gynecology at Mater Dei Hospital delves into the menopausal period in women which begins with a premenopausal transitional phase. He highlights some short term and long term symptoms of menopause in the general population as well as their management protocols. Prof Brincat also exposes us to the various Estrogen and Non-estrogen alternatives models of Hormone Replacement Therapies available. In this session, we get to know the general advantages of HRT in the menopausal woman. In conclusion, Prof Brincat talks on the use of tostesterone in HRT in menopausal women.

Learning Objectives

  • Means of delivering HRT.
  • Non HRT alternatives
  • Relief of symptoms
  • Short, or long term Contraindications