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Prof. Michael Borg discusses the normal human skin microbiome, indications and methods for skin decolonisation including antibiotic and non-antibiotic methods in various scenarios including decolonisation of carriers, as an adjunct to wound management, with particular focus on diabetic ulcers as well as pre operatively decolonisation.

Who is this module for?

Medical Professionals

Health Professionals, including community pharmacists


What will you learn?

After completing this module, you should know more on the:

  • The main clinical indications for skin decontamination
  • Correct method to apply mupirocin for MRSA nasal decolonisation
  • Various available antiseptics including the recent kid on the block Octenidine
  • Methods of application of antiseptics for MRSA skin decolonisation
  • Evolving microbiology of diabetic ulcers
  • Reasons why topical antibiotics are not recommended for diabetic ulcers
  • Possible limitations of oral antibiotics to treat diabetic ulcers
  • Role of clindamycin, ciprofloxacin and flucloxacillin for diabetic ulcers
  • Role of silver-based antiseptics to treat superficial diabetic ulcers
  • Recommended use of specific dressings in diabetic wounds