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Self-monitoring of blood glucose by patients is something which is unfortunately sometimes taken for granted by medical professionals. However, this is of utmost importance in keeping abreast with patients’ blood glucose levels.

In this session, Prof Stephen Fava, a consultant endocrinologist and head of Medicine at Mater Dei explores the different studies which have proven over the years of the various advantages self-blood glucose monitoring have over clinical monitoring. In his presentation, he touches on how self-monitoring tends to make patients more responsible of their individual health which goes a long way to decrease the various complications of diabetes including retinopathy and nephropathy.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand various modalities of glycemic monitoring including their advantages and disadvantages
  • Introduction to current technological devices and mobile applications being used in glucose monitoring
  • The advantages of self-monitoring over clinical monitoring
  • Understand the Differences between capillary, venous and blood plasma glucose levels.