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Psoriasis is an important dermatological condition which may significantly impact patients’ health and quality of life due to its aesthetic, psychological, physical and also systemic effects; the latter of which may lead to increased risk for other co-morbidities. A number of treatment options are available for the adequate management of Psoriasis and recently there have been several important developments in this field, ranging from safer, more effective and aesthetically acceptable medications to biologics which also tackle the systemic manifestations of the Condition.

This Session which is tutored by Dr. Liam Mercieca has the aim of providing a general overview of this important condition, treatment options available and recent updates in the available treatment options.

Learning Objectives

  • To give an overview of Psoriasis and its impact on various aspects of patient’s quality of life
  • To highlight the role of lifestyle modifications in the management of Psoriasis
  • To give an overview of the various pharmacological treatment options available for the management of Psoriasis including newer, recently introduced treatment options
  • To highlight the importance of personalised approaches to treatment decisions and the importance of timely referrals to ensure that patients are optimally controlled


Medical Association of Malta as representative of UEMS 0.5 Credits
Malta College of Family Doctors Malta College of Family Doctors  0.5 Credits