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Module Tag: Interview

End of Life Care

In this eLearning video we meet Prof Pierre Mallia where we discuss end of life care and in particular we discuss EndCare. EndCare – Malta is An Erasmus+ Project led by the University of Malta and the aim its the Harmonisation and Dissemination of Best…

Medical Cannabis

The issue of cannabis use is controversial to say the least. Having said this one cannot escape the fact that there is a lot of controversy going on in Malta with respect to this issue. Some people speak of Cannabis as a panacea for all…

Rational Use of HRT in the menopause

During the latter part of the last century, HRT was advocated for both menopausal symptom relief and chronic disease prevention. This followed publications of several observational studies suggesting a decrease in the incidence of CVD, osteoporosis and dementia. However, 2 influential studies, including the Women’s…

The MMR Vaccine

TheSynapse interviews Victoria Farrugia Sant’Angelo, Principal GP at Primary Health Directorate Malta and Chairperson of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Policy (ACIP) Malta who speaks about the scientific facts with regards to the safety of immunisation in general and Mumps, Measles, Rubella (MMR) in particular.