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Covid 19 is real in Malta and is posing a real threat to all. Most viewers never experienced a pandemic situation so there is a lot of apprehension. Apprehension to make sure the patient is managed correctly and apprehension for not being a victim ourselves by contracting the disease.

In today’s session, we meet Dr Charles Mallia Azzopardi Consultant Infectious disease specialist who will be taking us through the management of patients from when they are first diagnosed. Topics covered include

• Diagnosis of COVID infection
• Assessment of severity
• Home management – management, precautions, red flags, other family members
• Does this patient need assessment by specialist – how best to communicate,
• Facilitating safe referral
• Hospital management – moderately severe cases
• When do patients require respiratory support
• Discharging patients
• When is patient considered safe and not infective?
• Assessment of patient fitness to return to work and perhaps the most important question
• how can we, as medical professionals, stay safe in the current pandemic. What are the most important precautions needed to avoid getting infected

Medical Association of Malta as representative of UEMS 0.5 Credits
Malta College of Family Doctors Malta College of Family Doctors  0.5 Credits


The certificate holds 1 CME30 point which is equivalent to 0.5 CME credit