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HPV infection is perhaps one of the most important topics in gynaecology because of increasing recognition, improvements in diagnosis as well as new development in prevention of infection and once established, prevention of the most important sequelae of the disease – namely oncogenicity.

In this eLearning session, Mr Mark Formosa, Consultant Gynaecologist, will lead us through the classifications, epidemiology and properties of the Human Papilloma Virus as well as the relationship between HPV infection is described as well as the large portion of intermediate disease

Investigations, management and prevention strategies are also described.


Learning Objectives

  • Recognition that HPV is a sexually transmitted disease.
  • Failure of clearance of HPV infection will lead to an oncogenic process which may culminate in cervical cancer.
  • Appreciate the importance of Prevention as a first step in controlling this disease and this is based on vaccine and education.
  • Appreciate the importance of secondary prevention based on cervical cytology screening together with HPV typing.
  • Emphasise the importance of proper surveillance and timely intervention to prevent cervical cancer.
  • A treatment which is directed against HPV will be an added tool in our strategy to combat this disease.