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Whilst we recommend the usual list of life-style changes for men to improve sperm quality ie healthy diet, regular exercise, stopping smoking, reducing stress, wearing boxer shorts, avoiding hot baths etc we also now recommend you consider taking Proxeed as a pro-active step in promoting your fertility.

Research has shown that among all healthy couples taking longer than expected to conceive, sperm quality is a sole contributing factor for as many as 40% and contributory in an additional 20%. Yet there are limited options available to improve sperm quality in men.

However, two metabolic cofactors, L-carnitine (LC) and acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC), have been shown through over 30 years of scientific research to play an important role in the metabolism, development and function of spermatozoa. Research with LC, ALC and sperm have been the subject of more than 200 published papers, and 11 human clinical trial reports involving almost 400 men. Recent studies have shown benefits with doses of 2g carnitine per day and Proxeed is the only dietary supplement containing carnitine at this concentration. Whilst you may see other supplements promoted they contain low concentrations of carnitine which have not been shown to be beneficial. Proxeed is the first and only supplement to contain high dose carnitines.

Taking Proxeed is recommended if you are known to have poor sperm quality or as part of the BabyStart programme for couples just starting to plan a pregnancy.

When conception is not as easy as expected

Research has now clearly shown that male factors are implicated in at least 40% of all conception problems and a combination of factors involving both partners account for another 20% of conception problems. So it is important to recognise that both the man and the woman should take steps to improve their fertility in order to improve their chances of conception.

For men we recommend you check your sperm count using our babystart home screening kit and also to take Proxeed.

The active ingredients in Proxeed support sperm quality by providing metabolic substrates for the cells making the sperm cells. Proxeed has been shown to improve sperm quantity, concentration, motility and speed of sperm cells.

Each box of Proxeed contains 30 sachets of Proxeed which is sufficient for 15 days use.

It is essential that you commit to taking Proxeed for a minimum of 3 months if there is to be any chance of improving sperm quality.

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