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Overcoming vaginal dryness
Here is a subject that the majority of women don?t even discuss with each other.
The major problems are:

Repeated vaginal infections (thrush, cystitis)

Increased discomfort of itching and irritation

Discomfort, pain and in some cases bleeding during sexual intercourse
Some hints to help combat vaginal dryness.

Avoid bubble bath preparations, drying soaps and perfumed bath products in your bath water.

Wear panties with cotton crutch panels and also use loose fitting clothing around your crutch.

If you have to wear tights during the day, wear a large T-shirt , night-gown or dressing gown in the evening without any panties and let your body breathe.

Using a safe and proven lubricant “Astroglide”.
Menopause does not mean you cannot continue an enjoyable sex life. Your relationship with your partner does not have to suffer.
Astroglide is now here to help you overcome vaginal dryness speedily and safely and with no side-effects.
Vaginal dryness is now history.
Astroglide the new generation personal lubricant relieves this painful condition with its superb lubrication qualities. You don?t have to accept dryness as part of the ageing process. You can still enjoy a full and active sex life with Astroglide making sure that you and your partner recapture those early years that you thought had gone forever.
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