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Not just ANY carbocysteine syrup!

Mucoactive pharmaceuticals are widely utilized in Europe. Their therapeutic value as a coadjuvant in treatment of secretory diseases of the respiratory tract has been well established by various studies.

The addition of the lysine salt to the basic S-carboxymethylcysteine moiety leads to an ENHANCED ABSORPTION of the principal active ingredient leaving intact the characteristics of clinical efficacy1. This is what makes FLUIfort syrup uniquely different from other basic carbocysteine syrups.

These include:
&#61623: Improved eradication and clinical recovery in 5 days of associated therapy with an antibiotic2
&#61623: A shortening of antibiotic treatment course3
&#61623: A prevention of chronic bronchitis relapse3

FLUIfort normalizes mucous secretion and increases fluidity and viscosity in acute and chronic affections of the respiratory apparatus.

Dosage and Method of Administration:
FLUIfort syrup is supplied with a dosage cap with measurement scales corresponding to 2.5, 5 10 and 15ml.
Adults: 15ml 2 ? 3 times per day
Children: > 5 years old: 5ml 2 ? 3 times daily
1 ? 5 years old: 2.5ml 2 ? 3 times daily

FLUIfort is available from pharmacies as cherry flavoured syrup in 200ml bottles containing 9% carbocysteine lysine salt monohydrate.

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