Prof . Francesco Carelli , University of Milan

Domenico Delle Site, called Mino (Lecce1º maggio 1914 – Roma1996), was an Italian painter and sculptor, leader for futurist Aero-painting.   His works are in permanent Collection of Aeronautic Museum Caproni in Trento and a big exhibition was managed in 2000 at Grassi Palace in Venice. About Delle Site, has written Gerardo Dottir and many art critics.

In  February 1931, because of “First Exhibition about Aeropainting – Futurist homage (Rome) he knows Marinetti, Balla, Fillia, Prampolini, Dottori,  adheres to Futurism and participate to exhibitions managed by futurist movement. In 1932, at “Bragaglia extra – business”, in Rome, shows his first personal exhibition, promoted by Enrico Prampolini, and in 1933, exhibits in Lecce, presented by the futurist aero – poet Vittorio Bodini.

Subsequently, participates with the futurists at II Four Years in Rome (1935), at XX International Two Years in Venice (1936) and other initiatives of futurist movement in Italy and in Europe; at Second Exibition of Wall Plastic (1936) in Rome, at XXI Two Years in Venice (1938) newly at III Four Years in Rome (1939).

In 50s’ show his first anthological at Gallery of Carriages in Rome (1956), is at VI, VII and VIII Four Years in Rome.   In 1957, some of his works, “ROSE”, take part at – Ann Ross Gallery, in New York during the Exhibition of Contemporary Painting.

In 1965, he exhibits in US, at Rizzoli Gallery in New York with a personal anthology, works between 1932 to 1965.

In 80s’, participate at exhibitions “The 30s’ years” and “Futurism and Fashion”, “ Futurism in Mail” and retrospective  personal anthology at Gallery Fonte d’Abisso in Modena ( 1984).

Subsequently, Mino delle Site was present in exhibitions  dedicated to futurism: “Aeroplane and painting” in 1989/90 ( Naples and London), “Futurism and South” (1996, Naples), “The years of futurism in Puglia ( Bari and Taranto), “Themes of Futurism” (1998, Genova and Milan), “Futurism and Aeropainting , Art in Italy ( 1999, Lisbon).