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Dr Christopher Barbara

Clinical Chairperson, Pathology Department, MDH

Dr Christopher Barbara is the current Clinical Chairperson for the Pathology Department at Mater Dei Hospital. He is a medical microbiologist and virologist and has a special interest in vaccinology. He is Senior Lecturer at the University of Malta and has presented various topics in…

Total Lesson: 2

Dr David Bilocca

Specialist in Respiratory Medicine

Dr David Bilocca is a specialist in Respiratory Medicine. He has trained in Malta and in the UK, where he developed skills in managing difficult-to-treat asthma and lung cancer. His interests include allergies. Dr Bilocca also leads the endobronchial ultrasound service in Mater Dei Hospital….

Total Lesson: 1

Dr Michael Boffa

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Michael Boffa graduated in Medicine from the University of Malta in 1986 and trained in Dermatology in London and Manchester. He has been Consultant Dermatologist since 1996; initially in Bradford, UK and since 1997, in Malta in public and private practice. Dr. Boffa is…

Total Lesson: 3

Prof. Andrew Borg

Consultant Rheumatologist

Prof Andrew Borg is a Consultant Rheumatologist at Mater Dei Hospital and clinical lead of the Rheumatology Department. His specialist and research interests are back pain, spondyloarthritis and service development.


Total Lesson: 2

Dr Alexander Borg

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Borg graduated from the University of Malta in 1997, and was awarded an MD from the University of Manchester in 2009.  He obtained his specialist certification in Cardiology in Manchester, UK, and has been working as a consultant since 2012. His subspecialty interest is…

Total Lesson: 2

Prof. Michael A. Borg

Chair, National Antibiotic Committee

A clinical microbiologist by training, Prof. Michael A. Borg heads the Department of Infection Control at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta and the National Antibiotic Committee. He is also a past chair of the International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC) and an advisor to the…

Total Lesson: 4

Dr Noel Borg

Consultant Anaesthesiologist & Intensive Care Physician

Dr. Noel Borg is a Consultant Anaesthesiologist and Intensive Care Physician. He graduated as a Medical Doctor from the University of Malta in 2002 and completed specialist training in 2009. Dr. Borg has practiced as a Consultant Anaesthetist in the UK where he gained further…


Total Lesson: 1

Dr Mario J Cachia

Consultant Physician, Specialist in Diabetes and Endocrinology

Mario J Cachia MD FRCP(Lond.), Consultant Physician, Specialist in Diabetes and Endocrinology, visiting Senior Lecturer University of Malta, Lead Clinician Gender Wellbeing Clinic, is a Consultant Physician with an interest in Diabetes and Endocrinology at Mater Dei Hospital and a Visiting Senior Lecturer with the Department of…

Total Lesson: 2

Prof. Joseph Cacciottolo

Consultant respiratory physician

Prof Joseph Cacciottolo is consultant respiratory physician and has taught clinical medicine at the University of Malta since 1984. He was appointed Associate Professor in 1998 and Professor in 2004. He is currently Coordinator for the Humanities, Medicine and Science Programme, and was Head of…

Total Lesson: 2

Prof. Jean Calleja-Agius

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Professor Jean Calleja-Agius graduated as a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Malta in 1999. She further specialised in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, both locally and at University College London Hospital (UCLH). She obtained her Memberships of the Royal College of Obstetricians and…

Total Lesson: 1

Prof. Liberato Camilleri

Professor in Statistics

Professor Liberato Camilleri is a professor in Statistics and the Head of the Statistics and Operations Research Department at the Faculty of Science, University of Malta. He studied Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Malta and received his PhD in Applied Statistics in 2005…

Total Lesson: 1

Dr Nigel Camilleri

Consultant Psychiatrist

Nigel Camilleri studied medicine and surgery at the University of Malta where he was awarded an MD in 2003. He then started practicing medicine at St. Luke’s Hospital, Malta and eventually began his psychiatric training at Mount Carmel Hospital, Malta in 2006. In 2008 he…

Total Lesson: 1