It is a fact that people suffering from Psoriasis face on a daily basis a lot of challenges not only in accepting and treating this condition but also facing people who have never heard of the word Psoriasis let alone know what it is.

With this in mind, the Psoriasis Association Malta has been setup with two main objectives.


  1. Increase awareness of this condition among the general public, focusing on informing what Psoriasis is and that it is not contagious.


  1. Provide psychological support to psoriasis sufferers through the services of a psychologist and be a main source of information through publications and seminars aimed at Psoriasis patients.


In October 2005, the Association launched a poster awareness campaign titled ‘I know what Psoriasis is…do you?’.  It has also published a Maltese story book narrating the story of Mark, a child psoriasis sufferer and his trials and tribulations at school.  This month, the book will be distributed to all secondary schools in Malta with the aim at increasing awareness on this condition.


The Association has recently launched the ‘Psoriasis Association Malta Bulletin’, a newsletter which will be distributed on a quarterly basis to all its members. An informational leaflet ‘Psorjasi: il-fatti’ is also available on request.


Furthermore, the Association is in the process of publishing a handbook on Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis which will include a number of articles of interest and a guide of treatments available in Malta.


The Association’s committee is made up of psoriasis sufferers and persons who have direct contact with psoriasis patients.  Membership with the Psoriasis Association Malta is Lm 3 a year.


For further information contact Lucienne on 21437606 or Therese on 21416288 or email The Association also has a website at