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Background – Proxeed?is a dietary supplement designed specifically to support sperm development and function. The most significant factor in male reproductive health is sperm quality. When motility, rapid linear progression, count, concentration and morphology are good, the couple?s chances of conception improve.

38% of men attempting pregnancy for the first time will have sperm quality values associated with lower pregnancy rates. Ref 1 (below).
Lower pregnancy rates have even been observed in men with twice the sperm count of World Health Organization?s lower standard limit. .Ref 2 (below)

Proxeed user survey results from the USA.
Of the 5,154 Proxeed? users contacted in the USA, here?s what 1,182 responding couples said about Proxeed? in a recent user survey*?

Nearly one-third (31%) of the users reported pregnancy since taking Proxeed?.
62% of pregnancies occurred during the first 6 months of Proxeed? use.
65% of couples surveyed had been trying to conceive for more than 1 year with 33% trying for more than 2 years.
More than half (55%) of those recalling the results of their pre- and post- semen analyses reported that their results improved after taking Proxeed?.
Pregnancy rate was 28% among couples using Proxeed? alone, with the adjunctive use of ART (assisted reproduction techniques eg IVF) the pregnancy rate improved to 36%.
In a follow-up survey among couples with no ART use**, the pregnancy rate was 55%. This result was the same in couples with or without a history of varicocele.
1. Bonde JPE, Ernst E, Jensen TK, Hjollund NHI, Kolstad H, Henriksen TB, Scheike T, Giwercman A, Olsen J, Skakkabaek NE. Relation between semen quality and fertility: a population-based study of 430 first-pregnancy planners. Lancet 1998;352:1172-7.
2. Zinaman MJ, Brown CC, Selevan SG, Clegg ED. Semen quality and human fertility: a prospective study with healthy couples. J Androl 2000;21:145-53.
* The Proxeed? user survey was conducted in March, 2001, by Wirthlin Worldwide on behalf of sigma-tau HealthScience, Inc. A total of 5,154 Proxeed? users received the self-reported survey and the response rate was 23%. A sample size of 1,182 has a margin of error of +/ – 2.9% at the 95% confidence level.
** To evaluate the value of Proxeed? supplementation in varicocele repair, 206 original respondents without ART involvement were re polled.
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