In a recent Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism analysis of individuals aged =70 years with type 2 diabetes, almost 40% with recommended HbA1c levels (which indicate blood glucose levels) were over-treated. 

The majority of over-treated people were frail and used =5 medicines. Hypoglycemia occurred in 20.3% of these patients and almost 30% reported fall accidents. The investigators noted that clinicians should leave the ‘one size fits all’ approach and realize the possible benefits of de-intensifying blood glucose lowering treatment.

“In older patients with longstanding diabetes and a complex treatment regimen, the risk-benefit ratio of stringent blood glucose treatment is doubtful. Physicians, follow the guidelines and dare to de-intensify the blood glucose lowering medication in a shared decision with your older patient with diabetes,” said lead author Dr. Huberta Hart, of the University Medical Center Utrecht, in The Netherlands.


Source: Wiley

Full bibliographic information:

Huberta E. Hart MD, Guy E. Rutten MD, Kyra N. Bontje Bsc and Rimke C. Vos PhD. Overtreatment of older patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in primary care. Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism.