Michael Boffa, Consultant Dermatologist & Senior Lecturer in Dermatology & Caroline Galdes, General Practice Trainee, Department of Dermatology, Sir Paul Boffa Hospital, Malta

Viral warts are benign skin growths caused by infection with the human papilloma virus. They are common and are a frequent reason for consultation in general practice. Clinical diagnosis is usually easy but management may be challenging. Not all warts need treatment as most give little inconvenience and will eventually resolve spontaneously without scaring, however they may persist for a long time. Common reasons for patients requesting treatment of warts include their unsightly appearance, fear of the warts spreading and pain, especially with plantar warts. Unfortunately, none of the available treatments kill the causative virus. This presentation will discuss management options for viral warts applicable to general practice. These include no treatment, simple measures like wart paints, occlusion with duct tape, topical retinoids, imiquamod and some other innovative approaches. Recommendations for safe use of cryotherapy for viral warts in general practice will also be presented.


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