Hello and welcome to the first issue of TheSYNAPSE magazine for 2006.

In this issue you will read the third and last part of the series on Prostate Cancer, this part deals with surgical management. We continue with our focus on Cardiovascular Disease and we present an article on Diet and Cardiovascular Disease by Alicia Galea. Prof. Albert Fenech presents part 1 of a series of articles on Cardiology Today, the first article deals with Ischaemic Heart Disease. The interesting Interrelationship between Periodontal Health and Cardiovascular Disease is tackled by Dr Alex Cassar in the Sweet Tooth Section. The focus then shifts to Cardiovascular Nursing Care in Malta presented by Vincent Gatt. On a different note we have an interesting article by Dr Charles Savona-Ventura writing on Medieval Dermatological Hospitaller Orders. Last but not least we have an update on the Avian flu and Pandemic influenza by Dr Tanya Melillo Fenech. Unfortunately the Moneywise article will not be published in this issue. May I take this opportunity to invite you to stay in touch with TheSYNAPSE on the Internet. TheSYNAPSE web portal is the ubiquitous resource for relevant information with daily updates. A well deserved thank you to all the dedicated staff, contributors and advertisers for their support. Keep up the good work.