Prof. Francesco Carelli

This lamp is a technological jewel, proposed in an attractive retrofuturable guise that consecrates the talent of a designer: Ilaria Marelli. “Chain” is an adjustable, very articulated table  lamp, really a great product in aluminium and nylon 66, with an innovative LED lighting system, the result of a difficult engineering process. Simply by touching the base with a finger it is possible to get the ignition and the adjustment of the light intensity.  With its four arms, it can be totally closed, or articled in many ways, obtaining a localized  table light or a high diffuse illumination, or creating the suggetistive “zeta figure”.

Ilaria Marelli, deals with 360 ° design: from art direction to product design, strategy consulting and interior and exterior design. In 2004 he founded his own studio, with the idea that design must be simultaneously recognizable, with a strong impact and overwhelming from an emotional point of view. He deals with both the design of unique pieces and in series, contenting himself in the fields of art, fashion and design. In addition to being part of the Italian Design Council, she is also a professor of “Innovation Design” at the Politecnico di Milano. Promoter of Italian co-housing, Ilaria supports social initiatives in urban contexts. Her notoriety has led her to be mentioned in many art books and magazines in the field of design and architecture. In 2008 she won the “Milano Donna” and “AlumniPolimi” Award 2015 for Architecture. Among the products designed for Nemo Cassina Lighting we see the “ara family” of floor and wall lamps, with a minimal and modern design.