TheSynapse is a trusted resource for medical news and Continuing Medical Education to thousands of medical professionals at any stage in the career.

Launched in 1996 has always been in the forefront to deliver the most up to date news and information in a timely manner to the audience through a wide range of services and internet presence.

It is run by an independent team of medical professionals dedicated to producing relevant and trusted content.

Since launch in 1996, TheSynapse has established itself as a trusted and respected medical content provider. is a video-based eLearning service providing regular, peer reviewed continuing medical education content delivered by key opinion leaders and experts in their respective field.

TheSynapse is owned and managed by Medical Portals Ltd, a privately-owned company registered in Malta.


Editor and CEO Dr Wilfred Galea
Administration Manager Ms Carmen Cachia
Scientific Editor (Magazine) Dr Ian Ellul
ELearning Coordinator Ms Maria Galea