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A Brief Illustrated HISTORY OF MEDICINE – Hardback



Product Description

An Brief Illustrated History of Medicine, by Profs. Lino Cutajar MD, traces in a very friendly and readable format the history of world medicine from early centuries (Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome) to the 21st century. It is projected as an educational medium targeting all sections of society especially the medical profession (students and graduates), nursing and paramedics, and all others who are interested in the fascinating evolution of medicine. This work is the result of many months of dedicated research in order to present a concise and easily readable account which can be used as a reference work, as well as a coffee table attraction.

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The proceeds of this book will go to charity.

Review: This interesting book is primarily addressing the general public and medical profession by presenting a broad and entertaining introduction to the fascinating story of the development of world medicine from the deity–worship and faith-healing culture of antiquity, spanning the centuries, to the advanced modern medical diagnostic and therapeutic modalities of our age and beyond. It makes absorbing reading.

Dr George W. Vella, President of Malta

In this very readable history of medicine from prehistory to modern times, Prof. Cutajar highlights the enormous advances that have been made over the centuries in preventative medicine and the treatment of various diseases. He pays tribute to the medical pioneers who were responsible for discovering life-saving treatments throughout the ages. One can only highly recommend this book for the general reader, but especially for those with a particular interest in the evolution of medicine.

Laurence Grech, Editor and Journalist